Custom Bag Solutions

Besides our Freeset branded bags, we take pride in providing our clients with custom printed bags as well as custom designed bags.

Custom Printed Tote Bags

Freeset bags are made by a womens Fair Trade cooperative based in Kolkata, India. These bags are manufactured from Eco-Friendly, sustainable jute fabric and can be printed with your logo.

  • Trade show - used as a sustainable and fair trade and eco-friendly promotional bag.
  • Conference Bags - a conference bag with your logo is a functional souvenir for attendees of your event
  • Fund Raising - buy at wholesale prices and sell at retail prices and at the same time, raise funds for your group and enhance your brand with a custom printed bag.
  • Retail Grocery Bag - a sustainable and reusable grocery bag that could be sold in your store or farmers market to generate revenue.
Freeset's minimum order is only 100 custom printed bags with upto 5 colors. We proudly use non-toxic, water based inks for printing on our jute bags. Send us your logo and we will provide you a digital mock up with your logo on a bag at NO Charge.


Custom Designed Bags

We can custom design a bag to meet your specifications or price point. Just send us your drawing or tell us what features you would like and we will create a sample bag within 2 weeks and send for your review.

Materials and Features of Our Custom Designed Bags:
  • A Choice Of Handles ( Bamboo, Cane, Jute, Cotton or JUCO Jute cotton Blend )
  • A Choice Of Bag Features ( Inner Pocket / Purse, Velcro Closure, Plastic Buckle, Zipper, Side Cell Phone Pocket, Cotton or Nylon Shoulder Strap ).
  • A Choice of Fabrics ( Jute, Cotton, Organic Cotton or JUCO Jute Cotton Blend ).
  • A Choice Of Colors ( Choose From 20 plus colors or we can produce a custom color for you ).
  • We can produce a custom label for you, pre-tag the bags with UPC codes or package the bags according to your requirements.
We produced the above purse for a cosmetic company who required a small bag that could hold 3 to 4 of their cosmetic products. The bag comes with a zipper and printing on both sides.


Case Study For A Redesigned Freeset Gift Bag For Custom Packaging

We redesigned our popular Freeset Branded Gift Bag for our Wine Festival client who used the bag as a wine glass tote for their festival attendees. Instead of carrying 2 glasses in the hand, they carried it in a custom printed tote.

Redesigned By Adding Features:
  • Instead of Rope handles, we added Cane Handles for a higher perceived value look.
  • Inner Jute Divider was used to stop wine glasses from breaking or clinking together.
  • Logo printed with upto 5 colors on both sides of the wine glass tote bag for brand visibilty.
Let us assist you in designing your custom designed bag or custom printed bags that enhances your brand. Our gift bag can also be used for holding coffee, a mug, nuts, tea, T-Shirt and much more.


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